Pilates & Mobility

Learn to move well

Learning to move well is a great way to improve your quality of life. Instead of accepting the aches and pains that come with injury and time, we can instead create change. Learn to move better, so you can live your life better.

We offer exclusive private and semi-private pilates and mobility classes at our home studio in Fernwood, Newlands.

We have experience working with a diverse range of ages, bodies, and fitness levels.


Our pilates classes are based on contemporary pilates techniques. Learn the pilates mat work as well as exercises using the pilates equipment, including the reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, and chair.  

Learning pilates-based techniques is a good way to develop a deeper understanding of common movement patterns –  such as crunches, plank and cobra.  Applying a pilates perspective to exercises such as squats, deadlifts and pull-ups, can help you clean up your technique in the gym, too. Expect less of a ‘high intensity, six-pack burn’ approach with us, and more of a ‘slow and controlled’ focus, emphasising technique and mindfulness.

We have experience working with people recovering from injury, as well as those who are apprehensive about starting exercise again. 

We sometimes bring elements of joint-specific mobility training into our pilates classes.


Many people experience joint stiffness, or have a general sense that their range of motion is restricted.  Joint-specific mobility training targets precisely those areas that are weakest, using very specific stretching and strengthening drills.

This is not a ‘flow’ practice, per se. Classes usually focus on a particular area and angle. For example, in one class we may train hip internal and external rotation, and in the next class we may train shoulder flexion and extension, or spine segmentation. 

Adding mobility training to your exercise regime is an excellent way to level-up your body awareness and control, and to improve every aspect of how you move.

Sessions & Rates

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Private sessions

Join us at our home studio, situated in the beautiful neighbourhood of Fernwood, Newlands (Cape Town).
ZAR 515 per session

45-minute private sessions

A good option for teens, the elderly and anyone who prefers not to do an hour-long class.
ZAR 400 per session

Semi-private sessions

Two people per session.
ZAR 710 total for 2 people, per session (R355pp)

Online sessions

For international clients, and for local clients who travel.
Rates per session as stated above. We accept PayPal.

Catherine Brodie

Catherine is a former professional dancer with international experience in musical theatre, and teaching qualifications in ballet and modern dance. She certified as a pilates teacher with Pilates Academy SA and Body Control Pilates and has been teaching pilates-based work since 2005. She is a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRC), and Functional Range Assessment provider (FRA). With an honours degree in analytical philosophy from the University of Cape Town, she understands the importance of conveying concepts clearly and accurately – a crucial component of effective teaching. 

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