Functional Range Conditioning & pilates-based movement coaching

Learn to move well

Our classes consist in a combination of mobility training and movement training.

We teach you how to create a solid foundation upon which you can build your movement goals. By coaching with a high degree of precision and specificity, we aim for longterm improvements in body awareness, control and function. Improve how you move, feel stronger and mitigate injury.

Functional Range Conditioning:
Mobility training

Improve the health, resilience & longevity of your joints through strength & mobility training.

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a rigorous, science-backed mobility training system. It brings together the best of both flexibility training and strength training. We focus on increasing joint mobility and control (making you stronger and more limber) and on developing joint health and resilience. By training the very deepest tissues of the joints, we can help you alleviate lingering aches and injuries, open up chronically stiff joints and delay degenerative changes in the joints.

Pilates-based techniques:
Movement training

Improve your body awareness & control through pilates-based movement training.

Learn exercises and concepts based on contemporary pilates techniques. These include breathing, deep core activation, spine articulation, hip and shoulder isolation, and stabilisation of the pelvis and spine. We utilise mat work, equipment work and bodyweight exercises and use free weights. We help you clean up technique in common movement patterns, such as squats and deadlifts, and dispel some common misunderstandings around what it means to have ‘good posture’. 

Sessions & Rates

Private sessions

Join us at our home studio, situated in the beautiful neighbourhood of Fernwood, Newlands (Cape Town).
ZAR 490 per session

Online private sessions

A great option if you travel frequently.
ZAR 490 per session

Semi-private sessions 
(2 people)

ZAR 670 total for 2 people, per session (R335pp)

Online group classes

ONLINE ONLY. You'll need to do some private sessions before joining our online group classes.
ZAR 170 per class

Private session packages

A great gift option. Pay for one or more sessions now, and confirm a time & date with us later.
ZAR 490 per session

Catherine Brodie

Catherine, a former professional dancer, certified as a pilates teacher with Pilates Academy SA and Body Control Pilates SA, and is a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist. She is fascinated by human movement and is passionate about helping people improve their movement capacity. With a higher degree in analytical philosophy, she also understands the importance of conveying concepts clearly and accurately – a crucial component of effective teaching. 

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