Pilates-based movement coaching

Learn to move well

Pilates-based exercises to help you:

  • Improve spine mobility & pelvic stability
  • Strengthen the hips and shoulders
  • Improve joint control & mobility
  • Improve breathing function
  • Develop deep core strength, control & stability
  • Fine-tune movement patterns to enhance sports performance
  • Exercise safely during pregnancy & post-partum
  • Restore movement efficiency after injury, surgery or illness
  • Learn to move better in order to reduce pain

Living well begins with breathing well and moving well. 

Catherine has been teaching since 2004, and has run her own studio since 2014. She has a wealth of experience – especially in working with clients dealing with pain or recovering from injury. She has a highly analytical and educational approach, a very keen eye for detail, and teaches with empathic awareness of the unique individuality of the person in front of her. She is particularly skilled in breaking down potentially complex movement concepts in an easily-digestible way. Catherine believes that by improving our movement strategies and re-working our relationship with our bodies, we enhance not just our physical fitness, but we can also dramatically change our quality of life. 

Online & In-Person Sessions

We offer in-person private sessions at our Newlands studio. Online private sessions are a good choice for those who cannot travel, or for those who are still feeling cautious post-pandemic. Group classes are, at this time, still online. 

The Studio

Private sessions in Newlands, Cape Town

Join us for private, in-person sessions at our intimate home studio in Newlands, Cape Town.  We are close to the M3, and easily accessible from the city bowl, Rondebosch, Claremont, Wynberg, Bishopscourt, Constantia and surrounding areas.

Sessions & Rates

In-person private sessions

Newlands, Cape Town
ZAR 410 per session

Online private sessions

You'll have our undivided attention
ZAR 410 per session

Online semi-private sessions 
(2 people)

Do your session with a friend
ZAR 560 total for 2 people, per session

Online group classes

You'll need to do some private sessions before joining our group classes
ZAR 140 per session

Private session packages

Pay for one or more sessions now, and confirm a time & date with us later.
ZAR 410 per session

Catherine Brodie

Catherine  is fascinated by human movement. Constantly learning, she has explored everything from professional dance to martial arts to power lifting.  Catherine has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of anatomy and movement mechanics. As a philosophy postgraduate, she understands the importance of conveying concepts clearly and accurately – a crucial component of effective teaching. Catherine is passionate about teaching. She constantly looks for creative strategies to improve the experience of her clients.


Catherine began dancing at age six and hasn’t stopped exploring the world of movement since. She studied musical theatre and performed in the musical ‘Cats’ for several years. She’s taught ballet and modern dance, and trained as a pilates teacher with Pilates Academy SA, and Body Control Pilates SA. She’s explored highland dance, ballet, modern dance, tap dance, singing, acting, yoga, tai chi, kung fu, belly dance, pole fitness, salsa, and power lifting.

Catherine is also academically inclined and completed an honour’s degree in philosophy at the University of Cape Town. The critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as the tutoring skills she acquired at university, fuelled her love of learning and teaching.

Science in Motion was founded as a way of achieving Catherine’s vision of combining these diverse passions. 

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